One-Punch Man Fan Video Imagines Season Three Fight

One-Punch Man fans are waiting to see if the adventures of Saitama and the other members of the Hero Association will be returning to the world of anime with a third season, but one fan has decided to take matters into their own hands by giving life to an upcoming battle between the hero hunter known as Garou and the controversial character known as Super Alloy Darkshine. Though many felt that the second season wasn't able to live up to its first, as the series changed studios from Madhouse to JC Staff, this isn't stopping fans from hyping up the beloved franchise!

In the second season, we were introduced to the martial artist known as Garou, a former student of the top hero, Bang, who decided to take out his anger on the world of heroes by not only hunting them but also by joining the Monster Association as he tended to relate more to these creatures than his fellow man. Though the second season of the anime ended on an anti-climactic note, it promised big things for the future of Garou as he was saved by one of the terrifying creatures within the Monster Association and promising to become a monster himself that will take revenge against the world of the heroes.

A Reddit User posted this fan animation from artist Likili Animation that brings to life this battle between Garou and Super Alloy Darkshine, which will surely be one of the biggest battles to take place in the third season, should it ever get confirmation in the future:

Garou vs Darkshine by Likili_Animation (Re-Upload edit) from r/OnePunchMan

The adventures of Saitama may be on hiatus within the anime, similar to the current status of the Dragon Ball series, but the manga that first introduced the world to the One-Punch Man is continuing to tell the story of the Hero Association attempting to stop the monsters from overtaking the world at large. Though Garou has a long way to go before coming close to putting a dent into Saitama, he has proved to be a serious threat to the world of heroes, and should a third season be confirmed, expect some big scenes waiting for him.

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