Pokemon Drops Adorable RockLove Jewelry Line

With the upcoming anime series giving the franchise a brand new coat of paint for its main protagonist Ash Ketchum and the exclusive Nintendo Switch game, Pokemon Sword and Shield, about to arrive, there's no better time to be a fan of the ever expanding roster of pocket monsters. Fans looking to wear their love of the series on their "sleeves" now have the opportunity to with a number of different jewelry options that will allow you to become one of the most "blinged out" trainers the world over. On top of everything else, the jewelry line has the backing of the Pokemon franchise itself!

The Official Twitter Account for Pokemon shared the numerous different options for Pokemon jewelry by the designers at RockLoveJewelry with several necklaces and rings being fashioned after pocket monsters like Pikachu, Magikarp, Mew, and Bulbasaur to name a few:

These different Pokemon jewelry options won't be breaking the bank either as they range from $65 USD to around $120 USD for each. While it's a limited release to start, we would imagine that based on the line's popularity, the jewelry designers may go back to create new items depicting other Pokemon!

What do you think of this new Pokemon jewelry line from RockLoveJewelry? Which pocket monsters would you like to see included in the future? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Pokemon!


Pokemon: The Series will be officially making its debut November 17th in Japan, and the first episode of the new series is titled "Birth of Pikachu," and the synopsis for it reads as such, "In a forest somewhere in Kanto, there once was a lonely Pichu. This Pichu – who was still quite young – had a certain encounter and farewell. This took place shortly before Ash and his partner Pikachu started travelling together. This is the beginning of the anime 'Pocket Monster.'”

Cast members confirmed for the series include Daiki Yamashita as Gou, Yuichi Nakamura as Professor Sakuragi, and Kana Hanazawa as Koharu. Staff confirmed for the new series include Daiki Tomiyasu serving as chief director for OLM, Maki Odaira as series director, Kunihiko Yuyama as creative supervisor, Shoji Yonemura overseeing series construction, Shuhei Yasuda serving as character designer, Masafumi Mima as sound director, Yuki Hayashi as series composer.