Pokemon: When Will Ash's Final Episode Air?

Pokemon has been around for decades now, and of course, fans know the anime just as well as the video games. It was Ash Ketchum who helped turn the franchise into a global hit, after all. Fans have followed the boys for ages now, and recent reports confirmed Ash is gearing up to exit the anime at last. So of course, it is no surprise questions about his final episode are taking over the Internet.

Well, if you want to tune into Ash Ketchum's final episode, then you have not missed your chance. Pokemon Journeys has come to an end, but the same cannot be said for Ash's role just yet. Pokemon has confirmed an 11-episode special is on the way, and its last installment will bid farewell to Ash.

For those who haven't heard, Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master has been announced, and the mini-series will act as Ash's farewell tour. With 11 episodes to its name, the special will roll out its first release on January 13th. At this time, no word has been given on how this special will roll out episodes, but fans are certainly eager to tune in.

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This special will contain Ash's final episode, and of course, everyone has an idea of when its finale will air. If the show puts out weekly updates, it is pretty easy to figure out when Pokemon will bow out Ash. March 24th should be the release of the special's finale which paves way for the Spring 2023 season to unleash Pokemon's new anime. But if the special series takes breaks or releases episodes faster, well – Ash may say goodbye to fans way sooner than expected. 

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