The COVID Pandemic Is Now Canon in Pokemon

When it comes to Pokemon, you might not know about its strange language swaps. The anime and video [...]

When it comes to Pokemon, you might not know about its strange language swaps. The anime and video games have confirmed the Pokemon Universe has its own language, and the show's depiction of this system has changed throughout the years. Still, fans have found a way to translate the text, and it turns out a recent Pokemon episode makes a nod to the ongoing pandemic.

The moment was found in Pokemon Journeys over in Japan as its latest episode focused on Team Rocket. The update saw James and Jesse go out of their way to ensnare a Morpeko, but the cute monster ended up being best buds with the group. In one part of the episode, fans can see James reading a paper, and there is a hidden message in the text.

While most of the newspaper is of no matter, there is a hidden message in the front page's margins. It is there a cipher was found, and its decoded message reads, "We'll be Corona! Love and [peace]."

As you can see, this message is a pointed one, and it makes a direct reference to the pandemic. This in-world newspaper made reference to the novel coronavirus, so it is hard to ignore its presence in this world. The reveal has some Pokemon fans wondering why Team Rocket is going around sans mask, but if you think about it, you will figure out why.

The paper might make mention of the virus, but it is clearly a pointed nod to fans. Pokemon Journeys is encouraging fans in its own way to fight against the pandemic. There is little to no chance the virus exists within the Pokemon universe, and that is for the best. During times like this, entertainment can be an escape for us all, so Pokemon would do well to note remind us of the pandemic's impact.

This encouraging message comes on the tail of Japan's latest COVID-19 wave. The wave peaked in early May, and to date, Japan has registered under 800,000 cases nationwide. A total of 14.150 have died from the virus in Japan, and as the Summer Olympics draw closer, all eyes are on the nation to see how its infection rates hold up.

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