This Pokemon Gift Spread Misery to One Family This Christmas

The holiday season might be wrapping up, but that doesn't mean the fallout of Christmas is being put on hold. Just days after the event, the Internet is being lit up with tales of horror and poor gift giving. Now, one such story has snuck into the Pokemon fandom, and netizens have learned what might happen if you gift Magikarp to the wrong person.

Taking to Reddit, a user known as kushinobiiiii posted a video take from Christmas this year. They decided to gift their girlfriend's daughter with a Magikarp plush, and all went well at the start.

But once the fish began to move, it was game over. As you can see in the video below, the little girl checked out as soon as Magikarp began splashing around, and her reaction was all caught on video.

Got my gf’s daughter a magikarp for Christmas... I couldn’t stop laughing lol from r/pokemon

As you can see, the young girl is not a fan of the Pokemon when he splashes around. She begins to cry as the orange fish flops around on the hardwood floor. With each step she takes, the young girl is backing away, but the moving Magikarp continues to follow her without a care.

Clearly, this item was not a hit with this little girl, but the user who posted the video wants fans to relax. The girl was also gifted a Wailord plush, and it seems the massive Pokemon suits her just fine. She - like many others - are not able to stomach the goldfish Pokemon and that is alright. Somewhere out there is a trainer who can tame the beast, and Magikarp is plenty ready to meet them.

If you think you are the person destined to partner with Magikarp, then you can get one of these figures for yourself. BoxLunch ran a good deal on the Pokemon plush before selling out, but you can find the Magickarp Moving Plush at various online retailers.


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