Pokemon Star Teases Goh's Future in the Anime

Pokemon has had a very busy fall, and it looks like December is about to wind up things even further. While sales for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet continue to rise, all eyes are on the anime ahead of Gen 9. The wait is on to see how the show will tackle the Paldea region, and of course, the question has come up about whether Goh tags along. And now, one of the show's stars is teasing where the trainer will go next.

The update comes directly from Daiki Yamashita, the Japanese voice actor who plays Goh. During a recent interview, the star hinted at his future with Pokemon, saying, "Look forward to Goh's growth in the future."

The Journey Continues

Of course, the update has fans up in arms, and that is because it sounds like Goh isn't going anywhere. Pokemon has not confirmed anything up to this point, and that is a bit strange given the anime's history. As the show's final arc winds down, details about Pokemon's new series should be live, but we are still in the dark about Gen 9. So as far as we know, Pokemon Journeys could just carry on with an updated title as Ash checks out the Paldea region.

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Of course, the anime has definitely set up different paths for Ash and Goh. In the latest arc of Pokemon Journeys, Ash managed to defeat Leon and earn the title of the World's Pokemon Champion. On the other hand, Goh has called out Project Mew as a new episode reunited him with the Legendary beast. The two trainers will meet again soon in "Ash and Goh! Embark on a New Journey", so this upcoming episode could clarify where the anime is going for Gen 9. And given what Yamashita said, it seems Goh will still have some role to play in the show's next iteration. 

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