Pokemon Welcomes Fuecoco to the Anime: Watch

It seems Pokemon is busier than ever these days. With its latest games out on shelves, all eyes are on Gen 9 and that includes the anime. Pokemon Journeys may be busy with Ash's biggest win ever, but it is making time for the Paldea region. After all, Fuecoco just made his anime debut, and it did justice for the adorable starter.

As you can see below, a new Pokemon short went live this weekend following the anime's usual episode. It was there fans reunited with Team Rocket as they continue their trek through the Paldea region. First, the gang ran into Sprigatito while on the hunt, and their second encounter went to Fuecoco this week.

The adorable reel shows Fuecoco in all this anime glory, and the fire starter could not be cuter. Jesse and James go over the monster's stats including their love of food. Of course, that is why things go terribly wrong when Jesse pulls out a berry while trying to capture Fuecoco. The fiery croc smells the treat with ease, and he ends up snacking the berry after he sends Team Rocket flying into the sky.

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Now, there is one more Pokemon short on the docket, and it will be dedicated to Paldea's third starter. Quaxly promises to pop up next weekend in the anime, so fans can look forward to the duck's small-screen premiere. But if you cannot wait any longer to meet the water starter, you can always boot up Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. After all, the games are now available on Nintendo Switch!


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