Pokemon's Latest Short Has Already Made One of the Year's Top Memes

It's no secret that Pokemon has a tight grip on its fans, and the IP keeps its grip with a slew of new content. From merchandise to video games and TV series, Pokemon does it all. Most recently, fans were taken back when it was Bidoof was getting his own anime special, and the surprisingly impressive short has debuted one of the year's best memes. 

For those who aren't in the loop, Pokemon put out a special last week called Bidoof's Big Stand. The CG short honored one of the best Pokemon out there and did so with help from Lucario. The special followed a rogue Bidoof looking for a place to call home, and they went through some wild adventures to find their person.

Now, they did try to connect with tons of other Pokemon, but none were having it. Bidoof didn't even fit in with others like him, but his fasted rejection came from Piplup. At one point in the special, Bidoof tries to befriend a pair of Bidoof in the water, and they give him a look that has since gone viral.

As you can see above, the Piplup scene has been turned into a meme, and it is taking over the fandom already. With tens of thousands of likes, Piplup has become an unlikely favorite from the Bidoof special. So if Pokemon ever okays a sequel to this anime, we hope Bidoof and Piplup are able to give their friendship a second try!

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