Pokemon Celebrates Bidoof with One of Its Best Specials Yet: Watch

While there are tons of fans who know Pokemon best for its video games, there are just as many who came into the series through its anime. Over the years, the IP has put out a ton of animated content from its TV series to films. A good few specials have been released as well, and a new one has gone live to kickoff 2022. And honestly, Bidoof's special might be one of the best ever created by The Pokemon Company.

As you can see above, the special is titled Bidoof's Big Stand, and it is all about this fan-favorite Pokemon. While he might be considered a utility Pokemon by most, Bidoof has long had dreams of his own. In the past few years, the fandom has shown out for Bidoof and adopted the beaver as a sort of mascot. Of course, that means the expectations for this new short were high, and man – it delivered.

The Pokemon short begins with fans meeting Bidoof in the wild while he tries and fails to fit in. It doesn't take him long to leave the gang after causing too much trouble, and Bidoof is nearly taken out by a rival Pokemon until a wayward trainer shows up. With Lucario as his main, the pair save Bidoof, and our little fella begs to join the pair on their adventure in hopes of finding a place to belong.

Sadly, Bidoof finds himself used as a workhorse since he's asked to chop down trees and boulders time and again. It is only when our trainer runs out of options during a match that Bidoof gets the chance to prove himself. But when a terrifying face from the past shows up, it falls to Bidoof to surpass his limits and show the world just what he can do.

Taiko Studios did a gorgeous job animating this special, and its gentle warmth will make it a favorite for years to come. The Pokemon Company clearly understands why fans are obsessed with Bidoof, and we would be happy to see him return in a sequel at some point. So if you agree, well – you best start tweeting at Pokemon ASAP.

What do you think of this Pokemon special? Do you love Bidoof even more than before now...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.