Pokemon's Bidoof Anime Has Everyone Begging for More

There comes a time in every Pokemon trainer's life where they must pick which monster is their favorite. You might think Pikachu is the most popular pick amongst fans, but in the last few years, that has changed. Bidoof has become the fandom's unlikely mascot in recent times. And after debuting a special all about the beaver, Pokemon fans are totally desperate for more. 

For those catching up, let's break it down for you. Earlier this week, The Pokemon Company announced it was putting up a new animated short. This one promised to put all its focus on Bidoof, and boy – it delivered. The heartwarming short featured gorgeous CG animation and plenty of hilarious action that showed the world why Bidoof matters. So of course, we need more.

If you head over to Twitter or Reddit, you will find fans geeking out over the special. After all, Bidoof's popularity prompted fans around the world to watch the short, and they weren't let down. From start to finish, Bidoof's Bid Stand never faltered, and its ending was sweet enough to grow anyone's heart a few extra sizes.

"Bidoof's Big Stand damn near had me in tears," Pepper_Cactus shared with fans who cleared agreed online. "This is on some Pixar sh-t."

As for others like Guardianpigeon, they said these shorts keep them involved with Pokemon despite them having grown away from the video games. "Things like this keep me around in the fandom despite my displeasure with the games," they wrote. "Pokemon has so much to it and a million places it can go, I just wish they didn't neglect the part of them that made them popular in the first place."

These sentiments are being echoed across the Internet, and obviously, they are rightly deserved. Pokemon has put out some solid anime in the last year between its mainline series, Pokemon Evolutions, PokeToons, and now Bidoof's Big Stand. We want to see even more of its in 2022, and by damn, our favorite beaver better be a part of it!

What did you think of Pokemon's big Bidoof special? Would you like to see their story continue in a sequel? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.