Pokemon Cosplay is Ready to Battle With Misty

One Pokemon cosplay is ready for battle with the Cerulean City Gym Leader Misty! The Pokemon anime [...]

One Pokemon cosplay is ready for battle with the Cerulean City Gym Leader Misty! The Pokemon anime franchise has gone through a number of changes over the years as each new generation introduces new regions, Pokemon, and rivals, but there are some things that stay the same. At the center of it all is Ash Ketchum and a few travelling companions that accompany him on various phases of his adventure. Each new series brings with it a new set of traveling friends for Ash, but there are still many fans who appreciate the classics.

Ash Ketchum started off his adventure through the anime together with two Gym Leaders from the first two Kanto region gyms who bonded with Ash during their interactions. The standout favorite of this original duo was Misty by far due to her brash attitude toward Ash, but it's been a long time since she's been seen in action. Now Misty is shining in the spotlight once more through some awesome cosplay from artist @win_winry_ on Instagram! Check it out below:

It's been a while since Misty has been seen in action in Pokemon anime, but it's honestly not as long as one would expect at first. Both Misty and Brock briefly returned to the anime during the Sun and Moon era of the series. This return saw both Kanto Gym Leaders challenge Ash to battles to see how far he had come since their time together, and both of them also advanced to new heights thanks to their use of Mega Evolutions.

The newest iteration of the franchise, Pokemon Journeys, has shaken the formula up even more with all sorts of returning faces but Brock and Misty have not been seen thus far. There are some favorites from Kanto who will return, however, as Ash's biggest rival Gary Oak will be appearing in a future episode. It's a huge change from how the franchise used to operate, so maybe a future Misty return is not completely off the table!

What do you think? Where does Misty rank among your favorite Ash companions from the Pokemon anime overall? Would you want to see her return to the anime someday? What do you think that reunion would look like? Let us know all of your thoughts on Misty and the rest of the Pokemon favorites in the comments!