Cute Pokemon Artwork Imagines Squirtle's Perfect Halloween Look

Pokemon is returning with a brand new anime series this fall, following Ash Ketchum's long awaited victory with the Pokemon Tournament of the Alola League! Luckily for us, this upcoming premiere is taking place in the same month of All Hallows Eve, October. With the series that is rife with ghost-like pocket monsters, it's no wonder that some fans are looking to connect the insanely popular franchise with the scariest holiday of the year. One fan specifically has given Squirtle a number of Halloween makeovers that bring the water based pocket monster closer to the land of the dead than ever before!

Reddit User PageofSean shared Halloween versions of Squirtle and its evolutionary forms, Wartortle and Blastoise respectively, which imagine the Pokemon as both trick or treaters as well as full blown monsters ready to stalk autumn nights in search of their next victim:

I made some Skeleton Squirtles to get into the Holiday Spirit! Descriptions in the comments from r/pokemon

Squirtle is one of the earliest Pokemon that has ever existed, originally introduced as one of the "starting three" pocket monsters that players could choose from in the initial video game releases of Pokemon: Red and Pokemon: Blue. The water based tortoise is featured more times than we can count in the game series, as well as across the other mediums that have made Pokemon a household name.

In the anime, Squirtle was first introduced as the number one choice for Ash Ketchum's number one rival, Gary Oak, who would constantly be striving to defeat the protagonist of the Pokemon franchise as well as beat him to becoming the greatest trainer in the world. However, Ash eventually got a Squirtle of his own, which ironically enough was something of a hooligan, running with a "bad crowd" of other law breaking squirtles.

As mentioned previously, Pokemon hasn't shied away from exploring pocket monsters that appear to take the forms of ghosts and goblins. So many in fact that there is a specific nomenclature for these "Ghost Types", with two of the most popular being Ghastly and Gengar, pocket monsters that you'll usually find in the employ of Team Rocket were you to tune into the anime. Ghost type Pokemon continue to appear in all the mediums of Pokemon, with an upcoming new creation joining the ranks of the Nintendo Switch exclusive, Pokemon: Sword and Shield.


What do you think of this fan art that imagines Squirtle's perfect Halloween? What other pocket monsters would you like to see as trick or treaters? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Pokemon!