Pokemon Fan Recreates Classic Scene for Their Pet

Everything started for the world of pocket monsters when the first two video games landed on the [...]

Everything started for the world of pocket monsters when the first two video games landed on the Nintendo Gameboy so many years ago with Pokemon: Red and Pokemon: Blue, and one fan has put together a perfect recreation of one of its first environments for their adorable pet hamster. When players first awaken to start their journey as Pokemon trainers in the game, they explore not only their house but the town around them that would help them to become one of the greatest trainers the world has ever seen as they capture monsters and earn gym badges along the way.

Since the early days of Pokemon, the franchise has evolved astronomically, with the latest entry in the video game series, Pokemon Sword & Shield, arriving on the Nintendo Switch and walking players through the new region of Galar, while also introducing concepts like "Wild Areas" and "Dynamaxing" to the lore of the franchise. With these new changes being implemented into the episodes of the anime of Pokemon Journeys, it's clear that the video game works in unison with the anime to further explore the world of pocket monsters that has easily become one of the biggest anime franchises the world over since making its debut in the 1990s.

Reddit User The Ham Maze Adv shared this adorable recreation of the player's room in the first Pokemon video games that would allow players to capture scores of the pocket monsters that were first introduced in the initial generation of the anime franchise:

Now I am making Pokémon theme bedroom for my little hamster🐹 from r/pokemon

Currently, in the anime, Ash and his new friend Goh are attempting to capture some of the strongest creatures that are traveling the world, with Goh even managing to recently capture the legendary Pokemon of Suicune, making for a game-altering move in the world of Pokemon. As the pair attempt to buff themselves up prior to once again battling against the strongest trainers of the Galar Region, it's clear that Pokemon Journeys is going to have plenty of surprises in store for audiences as Ash and Goh travel the world following Ketchum's big victory in the Alola League Tournament.

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