Pokemon Sword and Shield Make Some Controversial New Changes

Nintendo and Game Freak have made some controversial changes to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. [...]

Nintendo and Game Freak have made some controversial changes to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The pair of Nintendo Switch games haven't changed much since release unless you count the pair of expansions that added to and bolstered the experience of both. Beyond this, Nintendo and Game Freak have done very little with the pair of games. However, recently the duo did announce the Ranked Battle Series 9 rulebook, which in turn has revealed a slew of changes, some of which are proving to be quite controversial.

With Season 8, trainers are allowed to make use of one restricted Legendary Pokemon. At the time, this was a change from the Season 7 ruleset. That said, for Season 9, this change is being reverted. In other words, this aspect of the rulebook is returning to Season 7. And of course, this means the current meta is changing and changing in a big way, again.

For some players, this is great news. Legendaries are legendaries for a reason: they are very powerful and some borderline on OP. Of course, this means players would exploit legendaries, particularly Zacian, which in turn meant those not running with Zacian and others in their team felt pressured to change up their party to correct this. In other words, it created a bit of a restrictive meta, and it's this meta many players are happy to see go.

However, others are saying that Nintendo and Game Freak need to stop constantly shaking up the meta. All competitive online games make meta changes, but typically these changes are gradual. Players against the changes are quick to note that regular changes make the game hard to keep up and prevent strategies from evolving over time.

Of course, both arguments have merit, but for now, it seems Nintendo agrees with those in the former camp. That said, for now, it remains to be seen what the meta will be in Season 9, though it will likely be similar to the meta of Season 7.

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