Pokemon Synopsis Teases Ash's Return to Kalos

Pokemon is teasing Ash's return to the Kalos region with a new synopsis for an upcoming Pokemon [...]

Pokemon is teasing Ash's return to the Kalos region with a new synopsis for an upcoming Pokemon Journeys episode! Pokemon Journeys: The Series has been a much different iteration of the anime franchise than fans had ever expected to see, and part of the fun has been seeing how Ash Ketchum and new hero Goh adventure to every region in the franchise instead of being relegated to only exploring the newest Galar region introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield. But fans have been waiting to see more of the Kalos region following several trips to the other ones.

It looks like that wait will be over with the next episode in the series as Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode 56 is titled "[Wikstrom] of the Elite Four! The Castle of Chivalry!" As its title suggests, Wikstrom of Kalos' Elite Four will be making his debut in the next episode of the series as Ash and Goh decide to take up his training.

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Episode 56 of the series is described as such (as spotted by @AnipokeFandom on Twitter), "[Ash] is training [Farfetch'd] when [Ren] informs him that [Wikstrom] from the Kalos region Elite Four is apparently currently enthusiastically coaching Pokemon and trainers that desire true strength. So [Ash] takes [Farfetch'd and Goh] takes [Scyther] along to the Kalos region and the Castle of Chivalry. But what is this enthusiastic coaching of the Elite Four's [Wikstrom] that awaits the two...!? "

Wikstrom was one of the surprising past trainers that was teased for an appearance during the third opening theme sequence for the series. Since Ash never dealt with this Elite Four trainer during the X and Y iteration of the anime series, this will be a long anticipated meeting. Wikstrom himself hasn't been particularly prominent in the past either, so this new episode will be checking off quite a few boxes.

With Wikstrom's debut now confirmed, there are several other big names that show up in the opening that fans are probably aching to see that much more. It gives us little room to doubt as to whether or not these characters will actually appear, and now it's more of a question as to when! But what do you think?

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