Pokemon Fans Point Out The Real Reason Ash Ketchum Is The Very Best

Ash Ketchum may not have won the most tournaments or have the strongest Pokemon in the world of trainers and pocket monsters, but fans have discovered a very special reason as to why he still manages to be the "best there ever was". Eternally 11 years old, Ketchum began his journey as a Pokemon trainer by visiting Professor Oak and taking on Pikachu as his first "starter Pokemon", who at first was almost too much to handle. Still Ash's very special talent helped to create a bond between the duo and this ability has continued to work wonders for Ketchum as time has marched forward.

Reddit User Thunderbrine shared an image that breaks down how Ash's personality works in terms of strengthening his bond with his roster of powerful creatures and how some past examples of the anime have gone a long way to exemplify this fact:

This was done and screenshotted a while ago, but was never posted anywhere else. from r/pokemon

Ash himself has managed to increase his number of Pokemon over time, though between seasons he would usually release a few around the way. It was in Ketchum's relationships with his pocket monsters that it made them stronger, allowing them to choose whether or not they'd want to evolve, whether they wanted to stay inside of their Pokeballs, and/or whether they even wanted to stay with him on his journey. While this has been most evident with Pikachu during the franchise's history, there have been numerous examples of this with his other partners.

Charizard is another example of the relationship that Ash shared with his Pokemon that other trainers didn't. Ash thought the best route for his giant dragon companion was to "release him" and send him on his way to join other members of his species after a run in with Team Rocket. Eventually, Charizard would come back to assist Ash in a future tournament, but it went a long way toward showing the bond that the two held.

The upcoming Alola League tournament is going to put Ash's training method to the test once again, as Ketchum attempts to fight off some extremely devoted and talented Pokemon trainers, some of which happen to be his friends. While he only has five Pokemon at present, the creatures he does have are fiercely loyal and may manage to score him his first tournament win in the series' history.


What do you think of this theory that makes Ash Ketchum the greatest Pokemon trainer of them all? Do you think he has a chance of winning the Alola League tournament thanks to the bonds he's made with his stable? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics and anime!