Pokemon Will Release a 'Human' Trading Card Shortly

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has been one of the biggest parts of the wildly popular anime [...]

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has been one of the biggest parts of the wildly popular anime franchise throughout the decades, allowing fans to battle pocket monsters against one another in official and unofficial tournaments, and it seems the most unique card of them all is about the arrive as it won't be a Pokemon at all, but a human! With the upcoming feature length film of Pokemon Coco introducing a jungle swinging young man who pals around with the legendary Pokemon known as Zarude, fans have been waiting for the release of this new movie following its delay as a result of the coronavirus pandemic!

Releasing on Christmas, December 25th, in Japan into theaters, the twenty third movie in the Pokemon series will take Ash and Pikachu into a brand new locale, while still attempting to navigate the treacherous machinations of Team Rocket. Originally set to release earlier this year in the summer, there is no date on when fans can expect a North American release, but we would imagine that it won't be too long after hitting theaters in Japan. With Netflix releasing Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution onto their streaming platform, we definitely wouldn't be surprised to see the new installment of Ash Ketchum's adventures land there!

Twitter User Joe Merrick shared the first look at the new Pokemon Trading Card that will feature the young jungle dwelling boy from Pokemon Coco, who bares a striking resemblance to that of Tarzan, alongside the larger than life Legendary pocket monster in Zarude:

Of course, the Pokemon Trading Card Game has also felt the effects of COVID-19, with in person tournaments needing to be postponed or canceled in an effort to encourage "social distancing". Considering the overall popularity of the game itself, it might be down but it is most definitely not out and with this upcoming promotion that ties into the twenty third movie in the franchise, it might be able to hit the ground floor running once again.

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