Pokemon Journeys Promo Seemingly Spoils Grookey's Trainer

Pokemon Journeys may be heading for an extended break before too long, but it has some big [...]

Pokemon Journeys may be heading for an extended break before too long, but it has some big questions to answer before signing off. With the series pushing through some filler arcs at the moment, fans have been waiting for a big episode to pop up, and Grookey just helped bring one in. After all, the Pokemon is the only Galarian starter that has yet to join Ash and Goh on the road. And now, a new poster seems to show who Grookey picks as his trainer.

The new update comes from a recent Pokemon Journeys promo in Japan. The colorful teaser divvies up Ash and Goh's Pokemon into different sides. And as you can see, Grookey can be found hanging out with the other Galarian starters.

So yes, it seems like Goh will be adding Grookey to his list of Pokemon. This means the boy has caught all of the Galar starters while Ash passes over them all. This means Goh is now overseeing Sobble and Cinderace alongside his new catch with Grookey.

This update is somewhat surprising as Ash usually catches himself a starter when he discovers a new region. Galar was first introduced to Ash through Pokemon Journeys, so most expected him to nab one of these three Pokemon. In fact, bets have ridden on Ash and Grookey since day one given the trainer's history with Bulbasaur, but that won't be the case this time around. Instead, Goh is shooting his shot with all three Galarian starters plus Suicune. So if you thought Ash was the star of this new series, well - you might want to think again.

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