Pokemon Journeys Reveals New Trailer For Final Netflix Episodes

Pokemon Journeys has been an interesting and unique season for the long-running, monster-capturing [...]

Pokemon Journeys has been an interesting and unique season for the long-running, monster-capturing anime franchise that sees Ash Ketchum continuing his journey to become the best trainer in the world, and the streaming service of Netflix has released a new trailer touting the final exclusive episodes on its platform. With these episodes exploring Ash and Goh's continued journey as they run into some familiar faces that were made popular in the latest video game, Pokemon Sword And Shield, it's clear that Netflix is going to set things off with a bang in these "final installments".

To clear up any confusion, Pokemon Journeys is not ending any time soon as far as we know, with these episodes being touted as the final exclusive English episodes to hit Netflix. Ash and Goh's journey continues to move forward as the pair of trainers have been attempting to take the crown of champion of the Galar Region from Leon. In their latest adventures, Goh seemingly did the impossible, managing to capture a Legendary Pokemon in Suicune, adding a serious monster to his roster that will most assuredly come in handy as the latest season of Pokemon continues. Though the English Netflix exclusive episodes might be coming to a close, we doubt that the series will be ending any time soon as it continues its decades-long run.

Pokemon Journeys Final Episodes
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This year will also see the release of Pokemon Coco, aka Pokemon: Secrets of the Jungle, to North America following its release in Japan late last year, which will see Ash Ketchum and his trust Pikachu coming into contact with a new trainer who was apparently raised in the jungle. Alongside this new character, the feature-length film also introduces a new Mythical Pokemon in Zarude, a dark primate type that swings alongside this mysterious figure.

Not to be outdone, Pokemon's games have recently been announced in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Pokemon Shining Pearl, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus, with the latter turning a lot of heads as it has been announced as the first open-world game of the series to date. Needless to say, Pokemon as a franchise isn't going anywhere any time soon as both the anime and the game continues to offer pocket monster fans plenty of material to consume.

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