Pokemon Journeys Stuns With Ash and Gary's Battle Against Moltres

Pokemon Journeys stunned with Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak's battle against Moltres with the newest episode of the series! One of the greatest elements of the newest iteration of the series is how the anime franchise opened up the entire past regions for new adventures for Ash and new hero Goh. This has already resulted in tons of run ins with Legendary Pokemon and returning famous faces from past regions and seasons, and the newest episode has the best example of this yet with not only a return from Gary Oak but an appearance of the Legendary Bird, Moltres.

Episode 68 of the series sees Ash and Goh heading to Pallet Town to visit Professor Oak's laboratory. After reuniting with all of his older Pokemon catches and even Gary, Ash and Goh learn that Gary has returned to Pallet Town in the attempt to find Moltres. Tracking it and theorizing it would appear in a nearby plain, Ash and Gary end up having an intense battle against the Legendary. Check it out below as spotted by @AshitanoGin on Twitter:

As part of Gary's new goal of becoming a Pokemon researcher, he had been tracking Moltres' habits and predicted that the Legendary would soon appear after noticing some changes in climate patterns. Ash and Goh decide to tag along when it's revealed that Ash's Infernape had actually gone in search for the Legendary as well, and soon the two of them are in the midst of an intense battle.

Gary used his Blastoise against Moltres, and he and Ash showed off their quick thinking as their Blastoise and Infernape were able to keep up with the Legendary. Ultimately it was not enough, however, as neither of them were able to defeat Moltres. For their efforts, Gary was able to collect a fiery feather that had fallen from Moltres' body after they delivered their final blow and it got away.


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