Pokemon Journeys Teases Returning Legendaries in New Trailer

Pokemon Journeys: The Series is teasing some major returning Legendaries to the anime with its newest trailer! One of the most exciting aspects of the newest iteration of the franchise is the fact that it's not just limited to the newest region from the video games like the anime in the past. This has resulted in some big returns for the anime in previous episodes already, and it seems that the anime will be bringing even more of the past Legendaries back to the franchise in the next big arc of the anime.

Pokemon Journeys: The Series is gearing up for its next big arc, officially dubbed as the "Project Mew" arc, and this new wave of adventures will see Ash and Goh exploring through the Crown Tundra area of the Pokemon games. With this DLC area coming to the anime, the series will be bringing back some heavy hitters like Moltres, Regice, and even Mew. Check out the trailer for this big new arc below:

Pokemon Journeys: The Series teased not only these returning legendaries to the anime, but also some pretty big battles with these returns as well. This includes even the return of Ash's own Pokemon team such as fan favorites like Infernape. Infernape in particular seems to be getting into a big battle with Moltres, so it seems this arc will have plenty to look forward to. A start date has yet to be revealed for this Legendary packed arc, however.


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