Pokemon Makes Anime History With Ash's Latest Win

Pokemon Journeys has brought Ash Ketchum to one of his highest standings in the anime franchise to date with his latest victory in the newest episode aired overseas! Ash has been spending this newest iteration of the anime working his way up the ranks of the World Coronation Series and battling new and familiar foes across every region of the Pokemon world introduced so far. This brought him to the Masters Tournament in which he'd have to test his mettle against the other regional champions of the world, and naturally pit him against his toughest challenges yet as he kept climbing the ladder.

Although Ash worked his way into the Masters Eight as the eighth ranked trainer among them overall, he had made it through the quarter finals with ease when he defeated the Hoenn Champion Steven Stone. But his biggest challenge yet would be to make his way through the semifinals in a battle against the legendary Sinnoh Champion Cynthia. It was a battle fans have been waiting years to see play out, and the newest episode of the series finally brought this longstanding "what if" to an end with a major victory. 

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Episode 125 of Pokemon Journeys officially brought Ash's battle with Cynthia to an end with his victory. In the final moments, Mega Lucario was able to take down both a Dynamax Togekiss and Cynthia's trusty Garchomp to win at the end of the day. Ash had been struggling against Cynthia for the past few episodes, and this was the first real time in the tournament in which he seemed he might lose. But importantly, this win also takes Ash to his highest peak in the anime as a whole. 

He might have won the inaugural Alola championship, but he now stands in the grand finals of the World Coronation Series as one of the top two trainers in the entire world. He's finally now gotten the opportunity for a rematch against the Galar champion Leon, and should Ash actually win this final battle, Ash could end up becoming a true world champion for the first time in the anime's long, long history. 

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