Pokemon Journeys Concludes The Ash/Cynthia War

Pokemon Journeys has taken Ash Ketchum to new heights, with the Masters 8 Tournament seeing the long-running protagonist facing down Cynthia in a bid to become the next world champion. Now, the battle between these two trainers has come to an end, spelling big things for the anime's future and setting the stage for the final battle against Leon. Needless to say, this battle has had a major impact on Ash's career as a premiere Pokemon trainer.   

Warning. We'll be diving into spoiler territory for the latest fight taking place in Pokemon Journeys, so if you don't want to know who wins in the fight between Ash and Cynthia, turn back now.

The final stand-off between Ash and Cynthia in the Masters tournament saw the anime protagonist relying on his Lucario with his opponent putting forth her Garchomp. a pocket monster that has yet to be defeated. Luckily for Ketchum, he was able to claim victory and thus has confirmed his spot as the main opponent to the current world champion, Leon. Ash has never been closer to achieving his goal to being the "best there ever was" and should he manage to become the new world champion, the anime adaptation's future would be quite different from what we've come to know in the past, especially with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet arriving on the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Pokemon fans have taken the opportunity to share some of the biggest moments from this titanic fight, as Ash's allies, and even enemies, take the opportunity to celebrate the major victory that allows Ketchum to fight against Leon and potentially become the world champion:

Ash has come a long way throughout Pokemon Journeys, with his victory within the Alola Region allowing him to take a world tour in which he was respected amongst his many training peers. In the past, the anime has typically created a new season and storyline exploring the new regions introduced in the video games, so Pokemon Journeys coming to an end around the same time as the upcoming Scarlet and VIolet release makes sense. However, with this new victory, many fans are now left wondering if Ash will continue being the protagonist in the future of the anime series, or if a new trainer will take the reins as Ketchum might be the world champion and will need to be overcome by whoever takes his place.