Pokemon Journeys Gives Ash's Lucario a Powerful New Move

Pokemon Journeys has given Ash's Lucario a powerful new move with the newest episode of the series! Ash Ketchum has been working his way up through the ranks of the World Coronation Series, and with his entry into the Ultra Class, the battles in this tournament have gotten far tougher than ever. Ash not only needs to rely on his team more than ever now, but also has to utilize all of the tips, tricks, and techniques he has picked up over the course of his journey around the Pokemon world in order to truly make it to the top. 

The previous episode of the series kicked off the battle between Ash and Bea, and now that Ash finds himself facing off against one of his toughest rivals yet once more, he's been pushed beyond his limits. This has been especially true for Lucario as their bond had been tested since Lucario wants to pit itself at its full strength against Bea's full power. With their fight bringing out Gigantamax vs. Mega Evolution, Lucario even managed to unleash a brand new move with its first use of Steel Beam. Check out a clip of it in action as spotted by @Akilvers on Twitter: 

Episode 86 of the series brought Ash and Bea's battle to the next level with only one left on each side of the battle. With this, Bea had used her Gigantamax on Machamp, and Ash used Lucario's Mega Evolution. The two Pokemon then got into a fairly heated battle, but thankfully Lucario was ultimately able to defeat Machamp and bring it down to regular size. But even with it being back to standard size, Machamp still had its attack, speed and defense buffs from before. 

This lead to the two have a final exchange of moves, and with it Ash and Lucario refused to give up. Their auras seemed to resonate with one another, and their final push resulted in the unleashing of a "steely resolve" that came out in the form of a newly acquired Steel Beam. It's yet to be revealed as to whether or not this will be a move Lucario can use outside of Mega Evolution, but it's a powerful addition to its uses that will make Lucario all the more impressive the higher Ash rises in this tournament. 

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