Pokemon Journeys Unleashes Ash's Lucario's Mega Evolution: Watch

Pokemon Journeys unleashed Ash's Lucario's own Mega Evolution with the newest episode of the series! The latest iteration of the anime has been one of the most exciting yet as not only has Ash Ketchum come across old foes and friends alike as he rises through the ranks of the World Coronation Series, but has also started to utilize all of the regional gimmicks that have helped in the past. This newest iteration is just fulfilling all kinds of long fan dreams for Ash as not only has he finally gotten his own Lucario, but now he's used Mega Evolvution with it as well. 

The previous string of episodes have seen Ash and Lucario working with one another to gain the ability to Mega Evolve with a Key Stone and Lucarionite, and as his big rematch with Bea kicked off in the previous episode, Lucario had even held itself back in order to use the ability at the right moment. The time has come with Episode 86 of the series as Ash and Lucario have finally unleashed Mega Evolution. You can check it out below with the clip spotted by @ChikoritaCheez on Twitter: 

Episode 86 of the series continues the batlle between Ash and Bea that began with the previous episode, and Lucario had surprised Ash when it had previously refused to use Mega Evolution. It had sensed that the battle was really just beginning, and this was confirmed to be the case with the newest episode of the series as their match quickly whittled down to a final one on one between Ash's Lucario and Bea's Machamp...a Machamp that had access to Bea's Gigantamax evolution. 

With Bea activating her top power, Ash and Lucario use theirs as well as Lucario officially uses its Mega Evolution to face off against the super powered Machamp. This evolution gave Lucario just the extra boost it needed as not only did it strengthen its regular moves, but it seems that with this ability Lucario has generally grown stronger as well with the use of this new power. But what do you think of Lucario's big Mega Evolution? 

Curious to see if Ash has a better chance of making it to the Master Class now? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!