Pokemon Journeys Dub Shares Clip of Ash Meeting His Baby Brother

Pokemon Journeys is moving along with new stories in Japan each week, and Netflix is still adhering to its quarterly episode updates in the United States. In fact, it won't be long before the show hits up fans with its fourth drop this month, and it seems Netflix wants to hype a special moment on the horizon. After all, a sneak-peek was released of an important episode dropping this month, and the dubbed reel shows Ash Ketchum meeting his baby brother.

The clip in question comes from a long-awaited Pokemon Journeys clip set in Alola. The dub will finally bring Ash back to the island for a visit with Goh in tow, so fans are eager to see how the dub handles this story. Of course, there is a lot to look forward to in Alola, and one such moment will be when Ash meets Professor Kukui's son for the first time.

The Pokemon Journeys clip, which can be seen below, showcases the emotional moment for everyone. Ash is seen walking up to Kukui's house when his wife walks out. She is holding a young boy in her hands, and it turns out the infant is her son with Kukui.

As Ash comes up to greet the baby boy, he is taken aback when Burnet refers to him as an older brother. It seems the Alola trainer has fully adopted Ash into the family regardless of blood. Clearly, Ash warms up to the title as he begins playing with his baby brother, and Pikachu is more than happy to see his family expand with this little one.

Right now, Netflix plans to bring these new Pokemon Journeys episodes to light on March 5 in the United States.

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