Pokemon Artist Shows How Scary Legendary Pokemon Would Be in Real Life

While many Pokemon fans have fantasized about what it would be like if the creatures lived in the real world, the reality is, some Pokemon would be quite horrifying! Take, Kyogre for example; the Pokemon would be a disturbing threat to anyone that entered the ocean! That fact is reflected in a piece of Pokemon Go fan art created by Andres Bordoni, who also goes by Nanoespectro on Reddit. The image, titled "Do not disturb the waters," shows Kyogre hiding just below the ocean's surface, its yellow eyes and red accents glowing brightly while its blue body blends with the water. It's a gorgeous image, but one that looks quite intimidating!

The image can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

Introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Kyogre is an incredible force of nature in the Pokemon games. Team Aqua hoped to secure the creature so it could use its powers to flood the planet and provide more areas for water-type Pokemon to live. That ability alone makes the Pokemon intimidating, particularly if it's powers were to land in the wrong hands! Of course, its opponent Groudon would also be a terrifying threat, but the same can be said for most legendary Pokemon!

Bordoni's image of Kyogre has recently gone viral on social media, but this Pokemon Go edit was actually shared by the artist back in November. Since then, Bordoni has shared a number of other edits showcasing Pokemon living in the real world. Like the image of Kyogre above, some of them show Pokemon looking quite scary. However, the artist has also created a number of edits that simply show the different ways that Pokemon might interact in the real world, from a Vaporeon helping to fight fires, to a Chespin cautiously hiding behind a tree.


Readers that enjoy Bordoni's take on Kyogre can find more of the artist's Pokemon Go edits at his Twitter account which can be found right here.

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