Pokemon Journeys Preview Hints at Goh/Mew Reunion

Pokemon Journeys has accomplished what many originally thought would never take place: giving Ash Ketchum the world championship title and making him the strongest Pokemon trainer in the world. Having defeated Leon in a battle that was one of the biggest in the series to date, Ash is taking a breather while the anime series focuses instead on Goh and Project Mew's journey to get closer to the mythical Pokemon known as Mew, with a new preview hinting at the idea that Ash might not be the only trainer who has his dreams come true.

At present, Pokemon Journeys hasn't revealed whether the anime will continue to follow Ash as the lead following his world championship win. Granting Ketchum his dream after starring in the television series for over two decades certainly seems as though it would be the best time to pass the torch to a new generation, especially with Ash potentially acting as the major challenge for another trainer to take on. With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on the Nintendo Switch giving us a new region that is set to make its way to the anime proper, many fans are left wondering if Ash will walk viewers through this locale as world champion or if a new trainer will take the reins.

Go Goh 

Anipoke Fandom shared the breakdown for episode 134 of Pokemon Journeys, hinting that Project Mew is about to come closer than ever to getting in front of Mew, but clearly has some big challenges that will be coming their way as Ash basks in the glory of his long-awaited victory:

"In the midst of searching for Mew, the Chaser party gets split into two due to the troubles at the Island. Goh, Horace, and Danika encounter Kyogre while Gary and Quillon come up against Groudon. Why are the Legendary Pokemon here? What do Goh and the others see as they continue further into Table Mountain? Can Goh get to Mew and make his dream come true?"

While not confirmed by any stretch of the imagination, Goh might be a likely candidate in taking the reins of the series should Ash take a bow following his world championship win, which would add the additional drama of the two eventually facing off against one another.

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Via Anipoke Fandom