Could Pokemon Journeys Give Us the Perfect Ending for Ash?

Pokemon Journeys sure feels like an end to Ash Ketchum's journey. First beginning his career as a Pokemon trainer over twenty tour years ago in our time, though in the universe it seems as though he hasn't aged a day, the anime hero was able to achieve his dream of becoming the world champion thanks to this latest season. Overtaking Leon in the Masters 8 Tournament and taking the crown, Ash has yet to be confirmed to be the star of the Pokemon anime moving forward, and maybe that's ok. 

Pokemon Journeys doesn't just feel like a finale for Ash's journey because he was able to take the world championship thanks to his Alola Region victory, but also as the latest season has given Ash the opportunity to not just reunite with old friends and foes over the course of its one hundred plus episode run, but also allow him to say hello to his old Pokemon at the same time. Luckily, there is a perfect replacement for Ash who not only harbors a similar dream but also has an interesting wrinkle in trying to learn as much as he can about the ancient Pokemon Mew as Goh might end up taking the reins of the series when Journeys draws to a close.

If Not Ash Ketchum, Then Who?

Twitter User FireType_Tep was so stricken by one of the pivotal moments during Pikachu's fight against Leon and Charmander, that the Pokemon fan believed that this might be the best time for Ash to hang up his Pokeballs and allow a new generation to take the lead of the anime adaptation:

Fans far and wide celebrated last week when Ash was revealed to be the ultimate victor of the Masters 8 Tournament, with many believing that this day would never come. Having been the lead trainer for over two decades, it would make sense to finally see the world through a new trainer's eyes. In the near future, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be hitting the Nintendo Switch, seeing a new region brought into the Pokemon world and it might be the best opportunity for the series to pass the torch.

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