Pokemon Journeys Promo Teases Aerodactyl's Debut

Pokemon Journeys has been busy thrilling fans with its trips around the world, and it seems the show has another big story in store for fans. In the last week, the anime hyped fans around the world as it brought Ash back to Alola, and it will soon let the boy travel to the past. Or well, it will let Ash come face to face with a bygone Pokemon from a faraway age.

Recently, Pokemon Journeys put out a new promo, and it was there fans were given an idea of what's coming next for the anime. The show promised to bring Aerodactyl into the fold as Ash and Goh will head on an excavation trip shortly.

The promo, which can be found below, shows Ash and Goh going to the excavation site with Chloe in tow. The girl appears to be working on a project, and there is no better place to get hands-on information than an actual dig site. As the promo continues, the trio breaks through various rocks to find fossils, but things get wild when Goh finds a piece of amber.

Of course, fans of Pokemon will know what the amber means. Back in the day, the franchise created Aerodactyl to be one of its Jurassic monsters. The flying Dino is known as the Fossil Pokemon, and it is said to have come from a piece of fossilized amber. Or rather the mosquito stuck within the amber that carries the DNA for the Pokemon.


Clearly, this idea was sourced from Jurassic Park, and that means this coming upcoming will lean into that sci-fi flick. Ash and Goh are going to encounter a real-life Dino, but the question remains who will catch the monster. So far, it seems Goh will be the one to snag the prize, but fans have long petitioned for Ash to catch an Aerodactyl.

Are you hyped for this new Pokemon Journeys episode? Who do you think deserves to catch Aerodactyl the most? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.