New Pokemon Journeys Titles Tease a Surprise Trade and Bea's Debut

Pokemon Journeys has been back in action for a few weeks now following its delay, and fans have [...]

Pokemon Journeys has been back in action for a few weeks now following its delay, and fans have never been happier to see the show. After debuting late last year, Pokemon's new anime has shaken up the formula used by most other seasons before it. Now, some brand-new episode titles for the season have gone live, and they promise to introduce some intriguing new stories.

Recently, social media was flooded with translations of the Pokemon Journeys titles after they surfaced in Japan. Fans were quick to translate the titles, and Playerking95 shared them with fans on Twitter:

  • Pokemon Exchange?
    The Solitary Fighter, Bea!
    Get Pikachu

As you can see, the three titles are succinct, but they pack a lot of info. The first episode named, which airs on August 16, plans to feature some sort of Pokemon trade. In Japan, the official term used for trading is exchange, and that same language is used in the title of episode 33.

There is no telling which Pokemon might be traded, but fans are curious if it might go down between Ash and Goh. After all, the latter has caught a lot of small-time Pokemon, but his recent acquisition of Sobble did stir up debate in the fandom. That is why fans are wondering is Ash might trade one of his monsters for Sobble, but that is hard to imagine given how attached he is to his team.

Episode 34 will air the following week on August 23 and go by the name above. It seems poised to introduce Bea to the anime that fans are excited about. The trainer is a Galar gym leader, and she is exclusive to the Pokemon Sword game. There is no word if the Shield-exclusive trainer will ever show up in the anime, but fans are keeping their fingers crossed.

Finally, August will bow out with episode 35 that is all about Pikachu. Fans are wondering what this new title is referring to, but some think it signals the return of Team Rocket. And if it does, the trio will surely fail to capture Pikachu as it always does.

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