Pokemon Journeys Synopsis Reveals Why Pikachu Wants to Run Away from Ash

Pokemon Journeys finished its most recent episode with a visit to Koharu, but it seems like things are going to shift gears next week. It will not be long before the anime hits episode 30, and it turns out this update will be an emotional one. After all, we know the episode will follow Pikachu as they beef with Ash, and a new synopsis reveals the Pokemon will not run away all on its own.

Recently, a new synopsis for Pokemon Journeys went live, and it shed more light on episode 30. Fans have known for a while now that Pikachu planned to run away from Ash in this episode, but the Electric-type will not travel solo thanks to Mr. Mime.

You can read the translated synopsis for "The Reluctant Pikachu and Exasperated Mr. Mime" below (via AshandSerena):

pokemon pikachu shocked
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

"After winning an official Pokemon World Championship battle, the Emanation Pokemon Riolue is feeling like a million bucks. Ash is completely fixated on training it, which Pikachu looks somewhat discontented with. But when Ash continues paying absolutely no attention to it, Pikachu's patience gets pushed to its limits, and it ends up storming out of the Sakuragai Laboratories. Mr. Mime chases after it in an attempt at holding it back, but Pikachu is set on its way. And the road this duo heads down leads them to Pallet Town?!"

Looking at this synopsis, it seems like things begin to fall apart after Ash turns his one-track mind away from Pikachu. Over the years, the trainer has had to do this a lot, and Pikachu tends to be accepting of it. After all, we know the pair are the very best of friends, but something about Riolu is going to rub Pikachu the wrong way.


Episode 30 will focus on that conflict as Pikachu is pushed beyond his limits. With Mr. Mime by his side, Pikachu plans to head home to Pallet Town. Fans are sure Ash will be right behind them as he prepares an epic apology for Pikachu, so Mr. Mime and Ash's mom will hopefully help Pikachu work through his jealousy. As it turns out, green isn't the best color on Pikachu...

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