Pokemon Is Now Selling a Life-Sized Lucario Plush

The Pokemon Company knows what fans want, and when we are lucky, the brand gives it to us. From new remakes to anime specials, Pokemon has been busy in the last year, and that does not even touch on its merchandise. Barring the trading card game's huge growth, The Pokemon Store has expanded its offerings with pride, and now a life-sized Lucario plush is going the catalog.

And when we say life-sized plush, we mean it. This Lucario figure is taller than most children, and it will be a pricey purchase as such.

(Photo: The Pokemon Center)

The update comes courtesy of The Pokemon Center over in Japan. As always, a slew of new merchandise dropped overseas for fans before making its way to the United States. This new Lucario plush was high on the list in this drop, and fans are still geeking out over how big Lucario is.

For those needing to know, this Lucario plush is about four feet tall, and it can even be posed thanks to some internal articulations. The arms and tail can be posed, but don't get too wild! Lucario is heavy enough to resist complicated poses, so be gentle with this wonderful Pokemon plush!

At this time, pre-orders are being accepted for Lucario, and he will come at a high cost. The life-sized figure runs just over $400 USD. This is before taxes or shipping is factored in, so just think about that. At this time, there is no word on whether Lucario will make it to the Pokemon store stateside, but if you are desperate, forwarding services can ship this big boy International for a pretty penny.

Now, you might be curious about whether this life-sized plush lives up to Lucario, and it does. The Pokemon is a whopping 3'11", so The Pokemon Center did well with this figure. So if you are a huge fan of this beloved Pokemon, this plush is going to be a must-have. 

What do you think about this wild new Pokemon plush? Would you be willing to shell out cash for this collectible? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.