Pokemon's New Movie Solves Decades-Old Question About Mewtwo Strikes Back

The re-imaging of the first Pokemon film that introduced the cloned pocket monster of the ancient creature Mew, Pokemon The Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, has yet to be confirmed for a North American release, though that isn't stopping fans from discovering new things about the film and the source material that it was based on. One fan had a years old question answered when reviewing a particular scene that involved Team Rocket members Jesse, James, and Meowth as they bore witness to the power of Mewtwo, all while being observed by its "father" in the lackadaisical ancient Pokemon of Mew.

Twitter User and Pokemon fan RokettoMusashi found that one particular show had been through the eyes of the levitating powerhouse of Mew as it peeped on Jesse, James, and Meowth as Ash Ketchum and his friends encountered the clone of Mewtwo who was looking to destroy humanity following the torture it endured:

Our own Megan Peters had the opportunity to catch this re-imagining of the first Pokemon feature length film, stating how it was a brilliant new telling of the old story, giving us a brand new interpretation of Mewtwo and the other cloned Pokemon that made an appearance. It is a shame that North American fans still don't have a good idea when the movie will be hitting stateside, though fingers crossed that both the new season of the anime and the Nintendo Switch game, Pokemon Sword and Shield were enough to get the ball rolling.

Aside from playing a major role in this movie, Team Rocket has continued to threaten Ash Ketchum on his journey to become one of the greatest Pokemon trainers in the world, having recently appeared in the new season of the anime while attempting to steal a large number of Bulbasaurs using some serious upgrades in their arsenal.

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Pokemon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution officially released on July 12th in Japan. The film is directed by Kunihiko Yuyama and Motonari Sakakibara, with a screenplay written by Takeshi Shudo. There was a hint that the film would be a complete CG remake of the original Mewtwo Strikes Back film, but that was not confirmed until the first audiences saw it for themselves during its world premiere at Anime Expo 2019.