Pokemon Teases Raihan's Anime Debut

The Galar Region that was introduced in the Nintendo Switch exclusive of Pokemon Sword And Shield has given Ash and Go a number of difficult challenges to wade through as they strive to become the best pocket monster trainers in the world and it looks like a brand new challenge is on the horizon with the "dragon tamer" Raihan looking to make his anime debut! For those who haven't played the latest game of the franchise, the trainer who focuses on dragon-type Pokemon is one of the last gym leaders you face as you attempt to become the new champion of Galar!

The latest season of Pokemon has given Ash Ketchum some of the strongest pocket monsters to add to his roster and he'll certainly need them if he's looking to battle against Raihan. The gym leader for the town of Hammerlocke, he considers himself to be the rival of the current Galar champion in Leon and usually relies on his top Pokemon in Duraludon to help secure his place as one of the strongest trainers in the world. With the anime series adapting Galar elements such as the Wild Area and Dynamaxing, fans won't have to wait long to revisit the strongest dragon trainer from the region!

The Official Twitter Account for Pokemon shared the tease that Raihan will be appearing in a future episode of the series, hinting that the dragon type trainer may be another big landmark that Ash will have to face that originally spawned from the Galar Region made famous by Pokemon: Sword And Shield:

The Galar Region has been explored not just in the video game from Nintendo and the current anime series, but also the spin-off series of Pokemon: Twilight Wings that has taken us through a journey of the region via the journeys of numerous gym trainers and regular citizens of the region!


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