Pokemon Fans Should Be Hyped for Dragonite's Next Fight

Pokemon Journeys: The Series may currently be on hold in Japan due to the effects of the novel coronavirus, but that hasn't stopped fans over hyping what's to come in future episodes of the series. Although there is currently no confirmed set date of return for the anime, promos for future episodes of the series are making their way online. One of the biggest teases marks the return of the Shalour City Gym Leader Korrina to the anime, and she's gearing up for a big rematch against Ash. The twist this time? Ash will be using his Dragonite in this battle coming in Episode 25.

Ash surprisingly added a Dragonite to his team in one of the earlier episodes of the current anime in Japan, but has rarely had a chance to use it in battle. Outside of a Raid Battle against a Golurk (which secondary hero Goh ended up catching), we have yet to see what kind of power Dragonite really has in its arsenal.

So this battle will be Dragonite's first real solo outing in the new anime, and this means we'll finally see what each member of Ash's new team can do following battles from Mr. Mime, Gengar, and Riolu. It's going to be a big deal when the anime returns considering that Dragonite has always been one of the fan favorites ever since it made its debut in the original Red and Blue games. But it seemed like it was out of Ash's reach.

It's a completely different era now that Ash is a Pokemon League Champion, and his current journey now has him taking on all sorts of new trainers in the Pokemon World Championship. This will most likely be how he faces off against Korrina (since traditional gym challenges are currently out this season), who is also bringing back Mega Evolution to the series with Mega Lucario.


When Pokemon Journeys: The Series finally resumes its broadcast there will be a number of things to look forward to! But now fans know to keep a close eye on Episode 25 especially! Are you looking forward to seeing Ash's Dragonite in action? Are you excited to see Korrina make her return to the anime? How do you think the battle will go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!