Pokemon Is About to Release Its Own Slowpoke Beanbag

Pokemon is living the high life right now thanks to Ash Ketchum and the entire Paldea region. If you did not know, the anime is doing the most right now as Ash was just crowned the World's Strongest Champion after more than two decades, and the games are wilding with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Now, all eyes are turning to merchandise as Pokemon is moving into holiday mode, and it seems one of its big releases is a literal beanbag of Slowpoke.

As you can see below, the team at Cellutane is teaming up with The Pokemon Company to bring Slowpoke to life like never before. The lazy pocket monster is being turned into a beanbag chair ahead of the holidays. And if you want to nab the decor, you will need to pay up fast.

According to Cellutane, this beanbag chair is just over three-feet wide, so kids and most adults could lounge on the stuffed chair. The pink cushion is said to be very fluffy, and of course, it comes decorated with Slowpoke's face on the front. The back is also decorated as it features Slowpoke's adorable little tail.

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If you want to bring this beanbag home, it will take a bit of time and money. Cellutane has this chair priced at over $200 USD, and the company does not ship to the United States. You will need to use an import service to bring the chair stateside, and that will rack up quite the bill.

What do you think about this latest Pokemon plush? Will you be adding this beanbag to your collection or...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.