'Pokemon Sword and Shield' Starters Get Anime Girl Makeover

Pokemon is living a good life these days, and the franchise knows it. Not only is Detective Pikachu on the way, but a new game and anime project is coming down the line too. Now, one fan is combining the two, and fans admit they’re having a crisis.

So, if you thought you knew your anime best girl, then think again. Pokemon’s new generation is here to mess up your ranking thanks to some cute fan-art.

Over on Instagram, an artist known as Hele Minimanima gave an anime girl makeover to Pokemon’s next starters. The reveal of Pokemon Sword and Shield made this pocket monsters famous overnight, and their otaku mirrors are adorable to say the least.

To the left, fans can see Grookey’s anime avatar, and she’s got the hair to prove it. The green bob would get the monkey’s approval, and she is rocking a pair of brown earphones to keep her groove going.

Scorbunny can be seen in the center, and she looks equal parts sporty and cute. Her white hair gives good contrast to the orange ears bowed on her head... but this anime girl won’t be afraid to push back against the haters. The bandage on her nose may be cute but proves she is scrappy.

Finally, Sobble can be found to the right in all her blue grace. The teal-and-yellow pocket monster has been transformed into a wide eyed heroine. Her long locks give Sobble a rather cute appearance, but her shocked expression and watery eyes will make every fan want to hug her.

So far, this trio of Pokemon are the only ones who have been confirmed as Generation 8 additions. Not too long ago, The Pokemon Company did surprise fans when he outed a new mythical creature named Meltan. The character first appeared in an apparent glitch on Pokemon GO, but the publicity stunt led to the pocket monster's official reveal a few days later. Now, fans are eager to see what the rest of this new Pokemon generation will look like - and if they are cute as these guys - then longtime fans will be plenty satisfied.

So, which of these starters do you like the best? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!



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