Pokemon Delivers Shocking Team Rocket Finale: Watch

Before Pokemon bids a fond farewell to its current protagonist, Ash Ketchum, the anime adaptation has done the same for Team Rocket. With the series promoting that Jesse, James, and Meowth would be reunited with their past pocket monsters, the latest episode has delivered a shocking end for what might be the villainous trio. While it has yet to be confirmed whether Team Rocket will return to the series to act as the antagonists to Liko and Roy, this cliffhanger ending might mean that we'll see more of the three in the future.

Team Rocket has been a part of the Pokemon anime for just as long as Ash Ketchum, troubling the trainers of the anime for over twenty years at this point. Their popularity even saw them make appearances in Pokemon GO, though Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet saw the main villains in the form of the "Paradise Protection Protocol" rather than this familiar criminal group. Pokemon Journeys gave Jessie, James, and Meowth some new technology to help in trying to swipe Pikachu from Ash Ketchum, but to no avail, as the protagonist was able to both defeat them and achieve his dream of becoming world champion in the season. 

Pokemon: Team Rocket Split

The latest episode of Pokemon: Aim To Be A Pokemon Master has aired in Japan, throwing quite a curveball at the fan community by splitting the villainous trio. With many fans believing that this might be the final appearance of Team Rocket, it's quite the ending for Jesse, James, and Meowth if this is in fact the last time they're in the anime adaptation. Luckily, Pokemon fans were able to capture the moment that sees the trio having an argument and walking away from one another: 

Earlier, Pokemon revealed four new trainers that would be a part of Liko and Roy's upcoming adventures, though the next season hasn't hinted at which villains, if any, will be the new antagonists for the anime. While a time skip hasn't been confirmed for the series, Team Rocket disbanding certainly adds even more questions for the series that is about to see Ash and Pikachu depart. This latest episode might have seen the trio blast off for the final time.

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