Pokemon Unveils Four Trainers For New Season

Pokemon only has a short number of episodes before Ash Ketchum passes the torch to Liko and Roy. Following the current season, Pokemon: Aim To Be A Pokemon Master, it seems that the two new trainers won't be alone in their future endeavors when it comes to catch pocket monsters. In a new trailer released by the official anime adaptation, four new trainers have been revealed that make for some of the most colorful characters to appear in the long-running fan favorite.

The video games of the anime franchise, such as Pokemon Go, Pokemon Scarlet, and Pokemon Violet, have introduced fans to countless characters that have made the leap from game to anime, and vice versa. These four new trainers will fit the category of the latter, being touted as members of the "Rising Volteckers", a group of Pokemon enthusiasts that mark Professor Friede as their leader. Much like Friede having Captain Pikachu at his side, each of these new trainers that will debut during Roy and Liko's adventures has a primary pocket monster that they are featured with. Now, the question arises as to whether these new characters will be allies or enemies to our two upcoming protagonists.

Pokemon: Rising Volteckers

While Friede has been listed as an ally to Liko and Roy in the run-up to the new season simply titled "Pokemon", it has yet to be seen if these four new trainers are all on the level. They include Ayane Sakura (voiced by My Hero Academia's Uravity) and her partner Metagross, Kenta Miyake (voiced by My Hero Academia's All Might) and his partner Rockruff, Kei Shindo (voiced by My Hero Academia's Jiro) and her partner Chansey, and Ikkyu Juku (voiced by Ghost in the Shell: Arise's Daisuke Aramaki). You can check out  a new trailer for the upcoming anime season that features a first look at this training quartet:

While Pokemon's anime has revealed quite a few details when it comes to Ash's upcoming departure and the two new trainers set to take his place, there are just as many mysteries, if not more. Ketchum in the meantime has been reuniting with old friends, both human and Pokemon, as the new world trainer aims to find out what it means to be a Pokemon master. Despite Ash's departure, it doesn't seem as though Pokemon's anime is going anywhere any time soon and Ketchum might just return in the future of the anime adaptation.