Pokemon Preview Hints at Ash And Team Rocket's Potential Final Battle

Ash Ketchum is preparing to retire as the star of Pokemon's anime adaptation following his twenty-plus year reign as the start of the series, but before he goes, the latest episodes of the show titled Pokemon: Aim To Be A Pokemon Master is bringing some familiar faces back to big him a fond farewell. Unfortunately for the current world champion, he's about to get a particularly rude "bon voyage" as Team Rocket is set to return to Ketchum's life thanks to a new preview that has landed online. 

At present, the franchise has introduced two new trainers that will be taking the reins from Ash Ketchum once he and Pikachu leave the series as its stars but there are still plenty of questions revolving around the upcoming episodes. When Liko and Roy become the new protagonists, it has yet to be revealed when the new episodes will take place, leaving some to wonder if Ash's departure might also herald a time skip. While not yet confirmed, we could definitely see either a new iteration of Team Rocket coming into these anime trainers' lives, though the series has introduced plenty of villains over the course of its twenty-plus year history.

Team Rocket's Blasting Off...For The Last Time?

The upcoming sixth episode of Pokemon: Aim To Be A Pokemon Master, "And I'm Looking At The Same Moon", has shared a preview that features the return of Team Rocket as Ash will once again have to tango with Jesse, James, and Meowth for what might very well be the final time:

"During their journey, Team Rocket attacks Ash and his friends when they had dozed off. Although Ash manages to thwart them, Pikachu flies away into the sky with Team Rocket! Ash and Pikachu, who are separated, search for each other to reunite but even if they are apart, their hearts are one! Will they be able to meet again?"

Should Ash's departure feature a time skip, we would imagine that should the Team Rocket trio return, they would be quite different from how we have seen them over the years.

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Via Anipoke Fandom