Pokemon Theme Song Goes Viral Thanks to One Seriously Good Cover

When it comes to theme songs, there are some shows you cannot afford to ignore. From Cheers to The [...]

When it comes to theme songs, there are some shows you cannot afford to ignore. From Cheers to The Big Bang Theory, there are some shows that have been redefined by their openings over the years. Of course, this is the same for Pokemon, and the show's iconic theme song is known the world over. And thanks to one artist, the Pokemon theme song is trending for the best reason.

The movement came around thanks to Seth Everman, an Internet comedian known for his stoic bits. He took to Twitter recently to share a new act with fans, and it has everything to do with Pokemon. Everman decided to do his own cover of the theme song, and the catchy rendition is as impressive as it is hilarious.

"I played the Pokemon theme song, but put way too much effort into the video," the comedian captioned the skit.

As you can see above, Everman has a solid cover of the Pokemon theme song carrying the video, but the comedy is in the clip itself. Just as you'd expect, Everman performs the entire theme song with a blank face and the occasional sunglasses. He even cracks a smile at one point while playing his old Gameboy Color, but the expression is gone when he realizes Pikachu has a new design these days.

Fat Pikachu ends up saving the day as Everman dedicates his time to collecting all things Pikachu. He buys a ton of Fat Pikachu cards as the music video carries on. By the end of the Pokemon cover, Everman's mission is made clear, and it is pretty sweet. The comedian made a sweet wallpaper out of the Pikachu trading cards, so we have to give him props. His dedication took Everman far beyond a simple cover, and Pokemon fans admit they'd like to try a room makeover like the one found in this skit.

What do you make of this viral Pokemon cover? Are there any other anime themes you need this guy to cover...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.