Pokemon Journeys Reveals the Winner of Ash vs Iris

Pokemon Journeys: The Series has revealed the winner between Ash and Iris for their big reunion [...]

Pokemon Journeys: The Series has revealed the winner between Ash and Iris for their big reunion rematch! Ever since the third opening theme for the series teased that Iris would be making her return to the anime in a future episode, fans have been counting down the day until her actual debut. After a long wait, it was confirmed that her return would be part of Episode 65 of the series now airing in Japan. With this big return, Ash and Iris had a full on battle testing how far they have come since they had last seen one another.

Although Iris and her team had grown quite a bit through further battles and training in the Unova region since Ash and fans had last seen her in action, Ash was full of the same kind of surprises Iris is fully aware of. This meant that with Episode 65 of the series in their big reunion battle, Ash ended up securing victory between the two of them and moves on to the next level in the World Coronation Series.

Episode 65 of the series sees Iris invite Ash to the Unova region so the two of them can battle because they are both on the edge of getting into the Ultra Class of the World Coronation Series. Each needing one victory to secure their ranking and move onto the next level, Ash accepts and heads to the Unova region to battle Iris for this major opportunity. But Iris has some surprises up her sleeves.

With the two of them deciding on a full Dragon type battle, Ash goes into the match with Dragonite and Dracovish. But while Ash's Dragonite is strong, a conversation betwen Iris and Ash's Dragonite actually helps Ash win the battle. Iris tells Dragonite about how it should love Pokemon battles, so that it could have more fun with Ash overall, and that gives it the confidence to secure the victory at the end of the day.

Iris used her own Dragonite and a Haxrous that had evolved from the Axew seen in the anime prior, but Ash secured the victory with a 2-1 knockout. This means Ash makes it through to the Ultra Class, and is now heading toward stronger opponents than ever as he attempts to reach his main goal of getting into the Master Class Top 8.

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