This Throwback Pokemon Artwork Sees Pikachu Celebrate Winter in Style

Though the holidays are coming to a close, the winter season is still right in the swing of things! Anime fans for sure are still recognizing this fact with several creations that place some of their favorite anime protagonists, antagonists, and creatures into Winter Wonderlands! With Pokemon's Pikachu being easily the most popular pocket monster in the bunch of creations from one of the most profitable franchises to date, it's no wonder that fans would decide to see just how this electric rodent would fare if it were brought into a snowy scenario by digging up past art work from the series creator, determined to make its way down a mountain with skies strapped to its feet!

Twitter User HiResPokemon shared this amazing art work from creator Kagemura Himeno that pretends just what would happen if Pikachu were determined to slalom his way past any potential battles and instead fight against the chilly climate that currently surrounds the popular Pokemon:

While Pikachu isn't exactly an "Ice Type Pokemon", usually not caught dead in the dead of winter itself, it has had its fair share of battles in chilly environments. In Pokemon Sword and Shield for example, there are plenty of areas within the "Wild Area" to explore that have snow and hail falling from the sky, boosting some types of pocket monsters while being a serious detriment to others.

In the anime, Ash Ketchum, Go, and Ash's trust Pikachu have yet to explore a winter environment, but considering the fact that they'll be travelling the world as apart of Ash's "victory lap" following his tournament win at the Alola League, we'd bet it's only a matter of time until the new team of trainers encounters a wintery battle of their own!


What do you think of this Winter Wonderland that was created for Pikachu by the Pokemon creator Kagemura Himeno? What other pocket monsters would you like to see make their way down the slops this winter season? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Pokemon!

Pokemon: The Series, is now airing new episodes weekly in Japan, but unfortunately is still not officially licensed for an English language release as of this writing. Staff confirmed for the new series include Daiki Tomiyasu serving as chief director for OLM, Maki Odaira as series director, and Kunihiko Yuyama as creative supervisor.