Watch: Pokemon: Twilight Wings Releases Episode 5

After being delayed due to the effects of the novel COVID-19 pandemic from its originally [...]

After being delayed due to the effects of the novel COVID-19 pandemic from its originally scheduled launch toward the end of May, Pokemon: Twilight Wings has finally released the fifth episode of its mini webseries. As each of these mini episodes have been focusing on one of the new characters from the Pokemon Sword and Shield games in a new way, Twilight Wings has been a huge hit with fans thus far following episodes showing off the gym leaders Bea, Nessa, and more. Now the latest episode has turned its eye toward Chairman Rose's assistant, Oleana.

You can check out the latest episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings in the video above! Titled "Assistant," Episode 5 of the series dives further into what makes Oleana tick as she goes through what seems to be a usual day working under Chairman Rose for their company, Macro Cosmos.

Because Pokemon Journeys: The Series has been focused on highlighting adventures throughout every region of the franchise thus far, many elements from the new Galar region have yet to make their way to the official anime series. Ash and Goh have been seen revisiting many of the older regions rather than travel through the newest, and it's bucked the trend of past seasons.

Pokemon: Twilight Wings has picked up some of this slack as these Galar newbies have had a chance to shine in their own right, and away from Ash or Goh. But thankfully, Pokemon anime adventures are kicking back up overall now that Japan has lifted its state of emergency following a smaller outbreak of the new COVID-19 disease.

Pokemon Journeys: The Series recently announced that it will be returning with brand new episodes with the next broadcast of the series on June 7th, and the English language release will also be hitting United States shores when it drops on Netflix on June 12th. Couple this with a new episode of Twilight Wings, and Pokemon fans have had quite a good month already! Pokemon: Twilight Wings has yet to reveal the release date for its sixth episode as of this writing, unfortunately.

What did you think of the latest episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings? Excited to see what's next to come in the miniseries for the final two episodes? What are you hoping to see in particular? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!