'Powerpuff Girls' Gets One Epic Manga Makeover

When you think about sugar, spice, and everything nice, it is hard to overlook the group that is [...]

When you think about sugar, spice, and everything nice, it is hard to overlook the group that is the Powerpuff Girls. The heroine left a big impression on the world after Cartoon Network gave their show a shot decades ago. Even today, fans have not forgotten the group, and Yoshinari You is one of those fans hanging on to Blossom's charms.

After all, the heralded animator of Gurren Lagann and Little Witch Academia has tried his hand at the girls.

Over on Twitter, fans began sharing the artwork You did for Powerpuff Girls Z quite some time ago. The pieces, which can be found below, show the artist's bright take on the bombastic girls. Dressed in their usual colors, Blossoms looks like a pink-loving swordsmen, and her hair ribbons look like they could strangle anyone who gets in her way.

As for Bubbles and Buttercup? Well, their swinging mace and knuckle dusters should speak plenty of words. And, if you didn't notice, the first piece of artwork embedded below shows Batman and Starfire leering over the Powerpuff Girls. Even the original heroines are shown cornering their anime counterparts, so you can assume things are about to go down.

According to long-held reports, this artwork was brought up to Toei Animation when the company was overseeing the production of Powerpuff Girls Z. The anime spin-off was looking for designers, and You approached the show with colorful design pitches such as these. However, Toei selected other artists to oversee the show's design as Megumu Ishiguro directed the title.

If you are not familiar with Powerpuff Girls Z, then you should know it is connected to the original Cartoon Network series. The show is set in Tokyo City and tells the story of Professor Utonium and his son Ken Kitzawa after they make a mixture known as Chemical X. The concoction turns three normal girls into Hyper Blossom, Rolling Bubbles, and Powered Buttercup. And, as Tokyo City begins to attract big baddies, the gang must protect it from familiar villains like Mojo Jojo and more.

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