Real Life "Radioactive Terror Pigs" Have Anime Fans Thinking Of Princess Mononoke

The nuclear disaster in Japan in 2011 had many terrifying effects on the Eastern country, and it seems that one of the bizarre side effects of the catastrophic event has been the rising of "radioactive hybrid terror pigs," and fans of one of Studio Ghibli's biggest films, Princess Mononoke, are remembering a certain scene from the classic anime. While Princess Mononoke never won the Academy Award like the Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away, it remains one of the best movies produced by the legendary animation house that continues to create some of the biggest films in the medium of anime to this day.

The "partial nuclear meltdown," that took place in 2011 in Japan affected the local wildlife in some unexpected ways, with the Japanese Boar in the area developing aggressive tendencies due to over 160,000 citizens leaving the area in fear of the radiation. On top of their combative personalities, the boars themselves now are contaminated radiation that is "300 times the safe human dosage," proving that these feral pigs have become somewhat indestructible according to many in the area. The boars themselves have been noted to attack human citizens looking to move back to the area, proving that the partial nuclear meltdown has had some insane effects on the wildlife near the event.

Twitter User John Reppion made the comparison between these terrifying real-life pigs and the talking boar of Princess Mononoke via social media, proving that sometimes the real world can definitely be stranger than fiction at the end of the day:

The giant pigs in Princess Mononoke were only one part of the magical fauna that made up the magical world who weren't particularly pleasant with the human world. Things only got worse when their leader was infected by a horrifying disease that saw them taking their battle to mankind directly, with a large number of the pigs being eradicated as a result. It remains one of the most gruesome parts of the film, and perhaps any Studio Ghibli movie to this point, wherein the leader of the boars was overtaken by the horrifying entity that was comprised of leech-like organisms.

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Via The Register