'Psycho-Pass' Announces New Anime Trilogy With Teaser Trailer

If you thought Psycho-Pass was done, think again. The franchise may have stalled after a controversial second season, but there is more to learn about the series. After all, Psycho-Pass did announce it is getting a film trilogy.

Earlier today, fans learned the series will be making a comeback with three new films. Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System will kick off in January 2019 with its first film. So far, release dates for the trilogy’s last two films haven’t been made public.

The first film will be called Crime and Punishment. It’s leads will come courtesy of Mika and Gino. The second film is titled First Guardian with Teppei and Tomomi acting as its protagonists. Finally, the trilogy will wrap with Beyond Hate and Love, a movie starring Shinya as its solo lead.

As you can see above, a teaser trailer was released for the special Psycho-Pass revival. The clip shows an array of characters as they clash with one another. The sleek project looks much like its predecessors, but there is no word on its production crew at this point. However, fans do hope Gen Urobuchi will return to oversee the trilogy’s script and story.

If you are not familiar with Psycho-Pass, you have plenty to time to acquaint yourself with the franchise. It made its debut in 2012 as an anime before a sequel premiered in 2014. Psycho-Pass has one film under its belt already, and the franchise recently made a comeback in video game form with Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness.


The series itself is a cyberpunk one with mystery origins. Psycho-Pass is set in a dystopian world where public censors scan every citizen. The machine collect data to gauge the likelihood of that person committing a crime. Whenever someone’s rating is flagged, the Public Safety Bureau responds to take them out, but things get sticky when latent criminals decide they are done being persecuted ahead of their crimes.

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