Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World Season 2 Releases New Trailer

Earlier this year, fans were distraught when they learned season two of Re:Zero - Starting Life in [...]

Earlier this year, fans were distraught when they learned season two of Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World was delaying its debut, but the show is getting ready to share its new season after dropping an all-new trailer. Not long ago, the team at White Fox shard the latest trailer for Re:Zero season two that teases the start of an awaited story arc that Subaru Natsuki will need help overcoming. And to the delight of everyone, this new trailer proves the wait for season two has been worth it!

The trailer, which can be seen above, begins ominously as Subaru is shown navigating a dark cave. His heavy breaths echo around the cavern until a woman's voice interrupts him, and the boy is thrust into a calm field where he is greeted by a woman with long pale hair.

As the trailer goes on, fans are teased with the return of all our favorite characters. Of course, Satella is there by Subaru's side, but she is joined by other comrades which fans met in season one. And yes - Rem does show up. The blue-haired best girl has become a staple of Re:Zero, so there is no way this second season could go on without her. This new trailer makes that abundantly clear, so fans are more hyped than ever for this show to return to television.

rezero season 2
(Photo: White Fox)

Re:Zero is slated to release season two on July 8, so audiences will not have to wait much longer for its premiere. In fact, that date is less than a month from now. Fans might be upset that Re:Zero had to delay in the first place because of the COVID-19 outbreak, but I think we can all agree the postponement was worth it if it gave the team time to finish up the long-awaited season.

Judging by this new trailer, fans of the Isekai anime are in for a treat with season two. That is good because those fans have been waiting years for this new season to go live. The first episodes of Re:Zero debuted back in 2016 before a couple of OVAs dropped in 2018. Now, this second season is following up in 2020, and fans can only hope their wait for a third season will not take as long.

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