Rick and Morty Cosplay Brings Back The Council of Ricks

Rick and Morty's sixth season has changed the game for the Smith Family, exploring the multiverse while making some big changes to the threats that were surrounding Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith. The Council of Ricks is now no longer operating aboard the Citadel thanks in part to Evil Morty's plan resulting in their deaths, but a cosplay group has taken the opportunity to bring the alternate Ricks from across the multiverse back from the grave. 

Following the destruction of the Citadel, Rick Sanchez found himself attempting to fix his portal gun, inadvertently sending everyone back to their original dimensions, leading to multiverse shenanigans that have major ramifications on the future of the franchise. With "Rick Prime" now gunning for the Rick that we've come to know and the Smith family traveling to a brand new world following a devastating accident involving a ridiculous alien, the sixth season no longer has a collection of Ricks hassling the dynamic duo but an even bigger threat is now waiting in the wings. With several new episodes left to air on Cartoon Network, Rick And Morty appear to have some major surprises that have yet to be explored.

A band of cosplayers recently formed a group of Rick Sanchezs to create the Council that was destroyed as a result of the season five finale, with their deaths making for a brand new world for the Smith Family as the Council of Ricks has long been a major factor in the Adult Swim series:

The co-creators of Rick And Morty, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, have gone on record that not only is production already in effect for the eighth season of the animated series but that they hope to continue telling the story of the Smith family forever. Considering how popular the Adult Swim series has become, there is certainly a strong possibility that we're in for years of stories following Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith. 

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